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Upstairs at K10, 2 Appold Street, EC2 2A
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Upstairs at K10, 2 Appold Street, EC2 2A
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How Much?

Promising to be the closest thing to drinking and eating in Tokyo, Beer & Buns is the new izakaya on the block. Its low-lit layout is laid-back and not the least bit pretentious. Picture Japanese craft beers, pillow-soft buns of freshly steamed goodness or Hirata buns – we’re loving the Signature Chicken and Aubergine Katsu with miso sauce – and fooseball. This has more to do with socially lubricated fun than traditional Japanese izakayas. But so far no one’s complaining. You could call it a speakeasy. It is up a bunch of stairs and if you didn’t know it was there you’d probably miss it – but unlike a dive den, it’s large enough for all your friends. Casual and convivial its retro-style pinball machines and fooseball tables really make it a place to satisfy all the senses. Especially come Mondays – when they’re free to play. Spend all your money on the buns and chicken wings, grab a Hitachino Nest Amber Ale, then hit the arcades to your heart’s content.


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