Ben’s Canteen

By Maeve
40 St John's Hill, SW11 1SL
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£9.95 for pie, mash & gravy

After realising there’s been a bit of a decline in good neighbourhood places, especially in SW London, dashing young buccaneer¬†Ben Walton decided to open Ben’s Canteen. It’s not a sterile restaurant and it’s not a pub. It’s an excellent inbetween. More into chatting than watching football, they did away with the TV and brought in a book exchange and chalkboarded the tables. They work with small suppliers and producers such as The Flour Station, The Dessert Deli and Mrs King’s Pork Pies, and park a coffee cart outside of the Canteen and sell Square Mile coffee to commuters to save them from the shi!t ‘Joe’ served by the big chains in Clapham Junction. Drop by for something special. / Josh Jones