B&H Kitchen Cookery School

42 Northampton Road, EC1R 0HU
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Wednesdays & Saturdays: see course schedule on the website
How much?
From £60

On the top floor of the Bourne & Hollingsworth building in Clerkenwell, this beautiful, tucked-away kitchen has all the equipment you’ve ever dreamt of having – sharp knives, rustic, wooden work surfaces and bread mixers, set around an enormous communal oak dining table.
Three times a week, Executive Chef Adam Gray and Head Chef Anthony Horn host cooking classes and short courses here. You can learn how to make sausages or bread, cook a perfect steak, pick up some butchery skills or fillet fish like a pro. It’s all really informal and suitable for all levels. If you want it all to yourself, the space can be hired for private dining parties with a personal chef and bartender.