By Maeve
55-58 Great Marlborough Street, Soho, W1F 7JY
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Daily: Lunch 12pm - 4pm; Dinner 6pm - 11pm
How much?
Mandoo £6; Bibimbap £7/£11

You wouldn’t know Bibigo is part of a large international operation upon walking through its stylish glass doors. This Soho flagship of CJ Foods extends a personal touch and warm interior that speak to the company’s aim of familiarising Londoners with Korean cuisine. Bibigo’s cocktails will set the mood alongside starters that’ll get you salivating. We loved the Amal, a tart soju-based drink carefully garnished with speared slices of pear – and the Crispy Mandoo Crust was beautiful with four delicate prawn dumplings topped with a potato starch crisp. Mains-wise, it’s all about sharing and the black cod is f*cking amazing – baked lovely and light and served with crisp seasonal greens – the dish is well worth its £20 price tag. We concluded with the restaurant’s namesake bibimbap. If you haven’t had it before, you’ll be intrigued to know the hot stone bowl cooks its rice, veg and marinated meat as you go, though this one didn’t feature the usual raw egg on top. Go go go go! / Chloe McCloskey

Photo Credit: Kate Jones