By sara
42/44 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch E2 8DA
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My fried chicken addiction felt like a dirty affliction until recently and I think that’s a London thing. American A-listers are dropping off the wagon and into family buckets all over the internet. From Britney and Beyoncé to Jessica Biel and even that pec-rippled Matt Bomer from Magic Mike – they all publicly reach for a crunchy drumstick as soon as their training or plant-based diet is over. In London, we’re riddled with chicken. You only have to look at the pavement to see how many wings and thighs have been gnawed on today. But, let’s be honest, it’s got a bad rep. Now Bird has swooped down to make it ok. It does free range birds in light crisp coatings in a design-savvy setting. If, like the A-listers, you’re breaking fast, choose the waffle burger – boneless thighs and thick cut bacon, sandwiched between two cheddar and onion waffles with hot sauce and syrup. And leave room for a freshly made doughnut, stuffed full of ice cream…