Bite Me Burger Co

By Ben
38 Kingsway, London WC2B 6EY
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How much?

I was skeptical about the whole sliders thing. Of the many things I look for in a burger – juicy, carefully curated toppings, real cheese – pocketability is not one of them. Sure, they can be just as delicious as normal-sized burgers, but then it’s all over too soon.

But at Bite Me Burger in Holborn, a new joint – which, rather confusingly, shares its underground space with a Chinese restaurant-cum-cocktail bar – I realised that it’s about VARIETY. They do boxes of miniature burgers which you can pack out with several takes on the classic beef hamburger, fried chicken, lamb and a particularly tasty duck burger with truffle mayo. It means you get a wider range of flavours with your dinner – and, what can I say, I’m a convert.

I would recommend playing it safe with one you are confident you’ll dig, and then going crazy with the other two choices.

Beyond the burgers, the menu is kept fairly simple – some tasty fries on the side, and some fantastic, thick milkshakes, which we shamefully guzzled before our food even came. So worth it.