46 Exmouth Market London EC1R 4QE
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Monday – Friday: Noon – 10.30pm Saturday: 11am – 10.30pm Sunday: 11am – 4pm

The stats say pork is the most commonly eaten meat in the world. Maybe because it’s the only meat that’s acceptable to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or maybe it’s because the Chinese love it, who knows? Blackfoot on Exmouth Market may have the answer. The relaxed, stylish eatery in a refurbished pie and mash shop focuses almost wholly on pork, sourced from Dingley Dell in Suffolk, and other small UK rare-breed farmers to ensure the high quality meat. We dove straight in with some whipped lardo on sourdough, like creamy pork butter on toast, followed by sticky aromatic ribs and the long smoke – slow cooked belly pork encrusted in black treacle and star anise. The succulent meat was well accompanied with a tangy salad and our carefully chosen ciders. We rounded it off with key lime pie and an éclair – class. Well-prepared, good quality pork is the answer and I for one am going to continue doing my bit to keep pork at the top of the meat rankings.