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65A Brushfield Street E1 6AA
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Even the most British of weather optimists know London’s coolest of seasons is no easy feat. Out on the streets, the blistering cold creeps through our bodies – every limb, finger and nose blue with fright. Off the streets, safe from the perils of this prickly character, we shed our bulky winter armour, awaiting the antidote. Tonight it is Blixen’s Her Bill, a light and botanical cocktail – perfect for warming the innards. A balance of gin and chartreuse whips its way in and around our bones: from the ends of our toes to the tips of our lips, where a tingly peppercorn feeling prevails. Adding a new dimension to the flowery drink, the fiery balls enhance the aromatic flavour profile while creating a new timeframe to this memorable drink. And that’s just one of the restaurant’s noteworthy cocktails.


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