Bobo Social

95 Charlotte St, W1T 4PZ
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The easiest way to sell Bobo Social to you is the same way it was sold to us; Kangaroo burger. With those two, rarely adjacent words, we were hooked. We packed up our things and headed straight to Charlotte Street. An hour later, it came as no surprise that the burger was sublime. What did surprise us was what came before and alongside it. We’d be the first to admit that over the past couple of years we’ve become slightly jaded when it comes to burger joints. We thought we knew what to expect but, as it turns out, Bobo Social are not simply looking to reimagine the contents of the burger, they’re looking reimagine the entire dining experience. This is a beautifully detailed, light and polished space with no hint of the faux rustic sheen that we’ve come to expect. The menu is not loaded with greasy, heavy side-notes to the burgers. There is the small matter of the heavenly chilli-chocolate covered bacon, but the majority of the small plates and sides compliment the mains without adding unnecessary stodge. The sea bass ceviche and fillet steak strips were perfect to start; the latter seared and almost blue. We left feeling full but not weighed down and that burger joints may have just got a whole new lease on life.