Boi Gordo Butchers

By Maeve
223 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 3QE
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8am - 8pm
How much?

Bit of a funny one this but it might delight those who have had the pleasure of tasting South American steaks. Circa 2005 I was lucky to spend two months over on their fine continent, fuelled by a diet of red wine, caipirinhas and red meat. Yes, the rumours are true, they do it bloody well over there. This little Brasilian butchers (yes I’ve spelt it with a S rather than the American Z but I think they know how to spell the name of their own country right?) offers everything you may need for a fully fledged churrasco of your own in the confines of your very own casa. Expect the finest cuts of meat, tasty sausages and imported Portuguese/Brasilian goodies. Also expect some intense meat sweats but I tell you what, my friends, it’ll be worth it. / Firas Waez

Photo credit: Jules