Bar W1

Bourne and Hollingsworth

By Nicky
Rathbone Pl, W1T 1JF
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Forget your troubles in Bourne and Hollingsworth’s beautifully refurbished basement bar at the bottom of Charlotte Street. Sometimes diving into a basement can feel claustrophobic but their new look feels luxurious – now the bar is more of an escape than a trap. Each piece of furniture has been hand picked and the bold colours throughout the bar and bathrooms mean it’s a proper pick-me-up place. The plan is to have a DJ on Thursday-Saturday nights – this is bound to be good fun and intimate.
There are plenty of delicious cocktails on the menu, some classics reworked – the Back in Black (espresso martini) is fantastic, with an added twist of winter spice syrup. The Love & Hate was our personal favourite: bourbon and port, muscavado and an artichoke bitter. This is a great spot for a date – you know, an evening where you impress them with the gem you’ve found and then suddenly it’s midnight and you need to make use of the banisters to crawl up to street level.