Breddos Tacos

By Ben
82 Goswell Rd, EC1V 7DB
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Mon – Sat 12pm – 3pm | 6pm – 11pm

There is a slight worry that, in trading in their wheels for bricks and mortar, top-notch food trucks will lose the rough-around-the-edges feel that made them so appealing in the first place. Breddos Tacos in Clerkenwell follows a long line of street food purveyors to try their hand in the restaurant game, which, by all accounts, is a different animal altogether. Thankfully, Breddos retains an amateurish charm, with relatively lax service and a squish-em-all-in communal dining set-up – a perfectly acceptable casual dining vibe, set amidst nightclub levels of darkness. The food, on the other hand, is far from amateur. They are easily the best tacos I have had in my time touring London’s saturated Mexican food scene. The fried chicken tacos, served with habanero chilli, are succulent and spicy, while the Baja fish tacos are a smoother taste that serves best to soothe the palate before moving on to some of the larger meals on the menu; the pork with pineapple is a fine main event. But my top tip? Don’t leave without trying as many of the tacos as your stomach can handle.