Bull & Gate

389 Kentish Town Road, NW5 2TJ
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When the iconic pre-Forum version of the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town closed for business we were all very sad. A hive of new music, the pub had been the practice pitch for many, many bands on their way up the ladder. As the last, last orders were drunk we all presumed the area was going to get yet another round of luxury apartments that no one wants/could afford/would serve pints. But then at the turn of the year the Kentish Towner ran a story showing what was happening inside. “It was going to be a pub again” they cried. And we danced. “They’ve converted the upstairs,” the paper laughed and we all went, “there’s an upstairs?” And then it opened and we went down and they’ve made it 100% less scruffy than it used to be. The bar people are friendly, the drinks are nice and they do all the tasty food you’d expect of a pub that’s got a pretty staircase and a new, expensive looking paint job. While the rest of the neighbourhood is sinking into a depression as Wahaca and friends continue to move in, it’s absolutely smashing to have an old friend back. An old friend that sells booze.