The Canvas

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The Canvas Cafe, London.Photograph by Felix Clay

The Canvas, 42 Hanbury Street, E1 5JL
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?How Much

The Canvas, 42 Hanbury Street, E1 5JL
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How Much?

London’s café culture is at an all-time high, with various offerings to try and get us Londoners to pay them a visit. Don’t know about you, but for me they have to bring a little something extra to the table that makes me want to visit. Well dear friends I think I may have found it; The Canvas is like a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s been touted as London’s first ‘happy café’ because of enlightening talks and yoga sessions which you can go to during your lunch hour. However it doesn’t stop there; there’s free films, a choir, walls you’re allowed to write on and even helpful workshops for those of you are in search of something new. It’s also a café and serves breakfast and lunch; as I write this and look at the menu I am now seriously hungry. To sum up, a café that offers cultural insights, good food and happiness. What are you waiting for? It’s finally here, now we can all stop searching.


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