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Last week we previewed the launch of Shuttlecock inc.’s brand new venture; Carousel. Well, excitement and curiosity got the better of us, so we decided to go and see if it lived up to our own hype. As it turns out, we slightly undersold it, so this is round II, with the benefit of experience. Kicking off what will be an ever-rotating line-up of internationally renowned chefs was Argentinean maestro; Javier Rodriguez. When a national cuisine is so well respected, it must be tempting, as a chef, to rest on your laurels. By the time the starter was laid on the table, it was clear Javier had no intention of doing so. Marinated sardines with steamed eggplant (that’s aubergine to us), even to our ceviche-saturated pallets, this was a revelation. What followed was a journey through Javier’s local cuisine, from the homely comfort of corn custard, the obligatory, but none the less extraordinary, ribeye steak to the almost savoury but refreshing ricotta desert, the evening was totally immersive. You have a few days left to enjoy Javier’s residency, but with this level of curation you can expect the next spin of the carousel to produce something equally mouthwatering.