By Ben
517-519 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 3BN
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Here’s the thing: there are simply too many Mexican restaurants in London right now. We’ve passed saturation point, and we’re drowning in Cholula hot sauce.

However, Cartel in Battersea is a good restaurant, and they do some things quite well. The cocktails and the beers are delicious, the atmosphere is fantastic, boosted by┬ásome live acoustic guitar music by a pair of keen fellows who like to cover hip-hop songs with mixed results. Oh, and they’ve a great selection of tequila.

The food is… good. The pulled pork tacos were a highlight, juicy, fall-off-the-bone pork in a tasty barbecue sauce. But then, the chicken wings were unnecessary, and not very fitting with the vibe. The prawn tacos tasted like sad, mayonnaise drenched supermarket prawns in a wrap. It was Cinqo de Mayo and unexpectedly busy, so I’ll let them off with that one.