By matosman
4 Lancashire Court, New Bond Street, W1S 1EY
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Monday to Saturday 5pm 11pm
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Cocktails start at £12

You’ve fallen out with a mate and need to pour oil on some troubled water. Heed our advice and treat them to an olive oil gin fizz at Cartizze instead. A sophisticated, newly opened cocktail bar hidden down a tiny cobbled street in Mayfair, it’s one of the few places in the UK to use oil in their cocktails. Don’t gip. It’s all the rage in the States and it’s surprisingly good, making drinks slip down easy and smooth. That’s not all that’s good – gimlets, long vodkas, sours and a host of classics and experiments from the UK’s most imaginative bartender Richard Woods. Make love not war. Smooth over your troubles. Don’t fight, drink cocktails! Bookings must be made in advance by email only. Reservations –