Champagne + Fromage

By Maeve
22 Wellington St WC2 7BD
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How much?

There are several reasons why drinking champagne is good, but according to Maud at Champagne + Fromage, if you drink good champagne, then you don’t get a headache the next day. So I duly put her claim to the test, and drank as much of her good champagne as I could. A former pop-up just off the Strand, Champagne + Fromage is a now-permanent specialist grower champagne bar and cheese and charcuterie shop with wood floors, and an artisanal feel. At a tasting session you’ll learn about specialist growers, and the difference between vintage and non-vintage, a blanc de blanc and a blanc de noir champagne, a brut, a demi-sec and a cru. The trick, after all those bubbles go to your head, is simply to remember it all. / Johanna Derry