Chicken Shop

By Foo D
79 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1TL
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Mon -Fri 5-12; Sat 12-12; Sun 12-5

As one of the simple folk who like all food, I dread huge menus. Unless I can afford to order one of each (which is rare/never), extended lists of things of stuff I want, leave me crippled with indecision. On occasion, with a large group of hungry mates, it has left me literally crippled. I had no such problem at the Chicken Shop, where the most I had to was decide between was a quarter, half, or whole rotisserie grilled, succulent, organic chicken. I chose two whole chickens, which was with the benefit of hindsight, a little optimistic even with help, especially when we did go through all the sides. Still, no regrets. If I ever complain about sitting around drinking beer and having to eat too many delicious farmyard animals, I hereby give you full permission to track me down and slap the food out of my mouth. It’s never going to happen though.