Chilli Cool

By Maeve
15 Leigh Street, WC1H 9EW
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Mon-Sun 12-10.30pm
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dishes from £5

My hangover cure resides in the backstreets of Bloomsbury: Sichuan food at Chilli Cool. Unnoticeable from the outside and sparse inside (steamy windows are the extent of the décor), it’s the hot red puddles of chilli oil that I go for. Food comes in no particular order, it seems, but should include: sea-salted aubergine, fried pork, green beans and the tastiest crushed cucumbers in garlic and “mmm, what is that flavour, it’s so moreish, so…MSG” sauce. Lost in the chilli inferno, steaming hot pots and the medicinal numbness of Sichuan pepper, it’s an edible exorcism. Shake off the demons and then prepare to experience the onset of extreme, desperate thirst. / Jess Fagin