Chinese Laundry

107 Upper Street N1 1QN
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Tue - Sat: 6pm – 11pm

Growing up Asian, the kitchen, and conversely, the home was always a mix of overwhelming aromas – the heady fusion of spices, sauces and peppers inescapable. It clung to your clothes (and your hair) and inevitably left you smelling of last night’s dinner. The duo behind Chinese Laundry know this only to well. But years of watching their mother command the kitchen also stood them in good stead when opening their own. Taking inspiration from the traditional dishes they knew from their upbringing in China, and adding a contemporary twist minus the lingering smell, they’ve hit just the right note with the food.  And the cozy interior – pastel walls of trinkets and pictures, alongside kitschy glasses and table-wear – makes you feel right at home. Go for the plum ribs grilled aubergine with nuts. Stay for the pork belly.