By Chloe

By jadeatkins
Drury House, 34-43 Russell St, WC2B 5HA
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Weekends 10am - 11pm, Weekdays 11am - 11pm

NYC is the vegan capital of the world, and now there’s a bite of the cruelty-free apple in our own Covent Garden. Plant-based, healthy, comforting and fast-casual, by Chloe has been storming to success in the States, and with more and more people choosing plant-based meals for their health, the planet and the animals (as opposed to teenage rebellion), it looks set to rocket to the top here too. The taco salad boasted ‘chorizo’, avocado, quinoa, beans, leaves, crunchy tortilla strips and a dairy-free crema dressing and it came out well-seasoned and well-portioned. Air-fried fries brought a little decadence to the party, while the homemade juices kept it nutrient-dense. There’s a heavy emphasis on avocado, and if you’re into that vibe you will not be disappointed, from the guac-burger, avo toast and avo-pesto pasta to the insta-worthy ‘Guac Save the Queen’ signage. And if you don’t want to queue with peace-sign-sporting selfiers, you can order ahead and slink in to grab your grub.