Clerkenwell Grind

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2-4 Old Street EC1V 9AA
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?How Much

2-4 Old Street EC1V 9AA
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How Much?

Located on Old Street, the mere weeks old Clerkenwell Grind is an eatery that is both charming and intimate. The converted warehouse has a simple charm, sprinkled with art deco furnishings and an inventive menu.

Starters included the delicious salt cod croquettes and succulent baked aubergine. Mains were a whole seabream and courgette risotto, with a range of sides that tasted equally as good – the star of the show unexpectedly being the fiery creamed corn. Dessert featured a ‘love it or hate it’ white chocolate mousse with burnt cucumber – a palette cleanser that may not be for everyone.

The night ends with an excellent glass of champagne, brought to us by our excellent waitress. Worth grinding to a halt for at the end of a long day.


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