244 York Way, N7 9AG
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I won’t lie – I hate the words ‘supper’ and ‘club’ when put together. I think supper clubs are a tired and overused idea now; they’re something that should be left in the past. Let’s think of something new yeah? Damon Bui has done that – he started off with a supper club, a very successful one, called Table for 10, serving delicious Australian inspired Vietnamese food, but he’s outgrown and grown out of hosting them and has recently opened his own place on York Way. It’s called CoBa, is just big enough to be pleasantly bustling, still serves no nonsense and delicious Australian inspired Vietnamese food, which you can enjoy in open-plan, fine surroundings (just count how many Edison lightbulbs they’ve got hanging from the ceiling). The menu is to the point, dry noodles or wet noodles with various barbecued meats (they are very proud of their grill) as well as plenty of vegetarian options and the prawn toast is one of the best things you’ll put in your mouth this year. They do a fine line in cocktails too. It’s a perfect place to duck into if you’re feeling like a treat and you’re on a crowded 390 up the hill, Damon is usually there and is always happy to chat and the rest of the staff are more than friendly too. This is so much more than a supper club that’s found an empty space – it’s a step up and they’ve done a damn fine job of doing it (all you other ones take note).