Coin Laundry

By johnbiggs
70, Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QP
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8am – 2am

Coin Laundry’s founders have taste. Softly lit and breathable, the building’s exposed brick and vintage 70s/80s retro-cool décor mark this bar out as yet another highlight on the Clerkenwell culinary corner of Exmouth Market. Cramming as many wild garlic mushrooms as possible into the mouth, eyes were drawn to the well-stocked bar. White chocolate and raspberry Bellini’s set taste buds alight – beautify presented and gobbled down in no time. The Martini Rosso vermouth was a little on the strong side but the mint and nutmeg grasshoppers made up for it. Rabbit balti pies were a pleasure and the spag bol croquettes were little balls of love. Chicken Kiev’s closed the evening in style; the garlic oozed and flavours (literally) flooded out from within. The branded gum sticks were a welcome addition to what was a truly excellent evening. Twists on old classics and culinary delights – chew on that.