By carolinechristie
69 Atlantic Road, SW9 8PU
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Mon-Sun 12am-11pm

A few miles off the coast of mainland China, there’s a break away Taiwanese province called the Kinmen Islands. A political pawn between Taiwan and China, the archipelago is home to a rather unique sonic weapon. Forty-eight defunct speakers nested inside a concrete block once used to broadcast anti-Chinese propaganda. Their offending slogans? “Our steamed buns are bigger than your pillows!” Obscure maybe, but it’s testament to the power of good dim sum. Thousands of miles away in a corner of Brixton, Courtesan take their version of the Chinese cuisine just as seriously. The restaurant/bar, serves one of the republic’s most famous and fluffiest of exports with a modern twist. Come for the hot frog legs and belly laughs (pork belly on a white bun to be had with friends) served against a dimly lit backdrop of burlesque plum wine cocktails.