The Crooked Well

By Maeve
16 Grove Lane SE5 8SY
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Mon 5pm-12pm, Tue-Thu 12pm-12am, Fri-Sat 12pm-01am, Sun 12-11pm
How much?
Meal for 2 with wine, approx. £70

My perfect local would have the following (terribly middle-class) things: Excellent food, sourced in the UK, of course. Mean Bloody Marys, say with cucumber vodka (just an idea). Jazz nights. Cocktail nights. A let’s all join hands and hug the recession BYO Monday night. Oh, and free fudge, if that’s not pushing my luck. You may have guessed of course, this being a review of The Crooked Well, that Camberwell’s local offers all of that and more. I had lunch there today and shared a whole chicken that came with a mouth-watering Madeira and veal jus. They encouraged us to have the leftovers boxed, carcass and all, so we could bring them home to make soup. The Crooked Well is starting to tick boxes I didn’t even know I had. Now I just wish I lived in Camberwell. / Sara Lou