Curious Yellow Kafe

By Maeve
77 Pitfield Street N1 6BT
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Daily 8.30/9am - 4/5pm
How much?
£5 - £6 a lunch main

Shokoh, co-owner of Curious Yellow Kafe manages to serve up an impressively large array of things that I want to eat a lot of. Superior pastries, eggs Benedict and farmers’ breakfasts (even for veggie farmers) in the morning, and generously proportioned sandwiches and home cooked dishes (that look suspiciously like restaurant quality food) for lunch. Curious Yellow Kafe cures its salmon and roasts its meats. The menu changes, but so far I’ve had Swedish meatballs, French bean and aubergine curry, beef stew, Thai beef salad and gravlax. For research purposes, obviously. And cakes, did I mention the cakes too? Well there are good ones! And a wall of Swedish teas. / Foo D