Daiva Beauty House

5 Dering Street, W1S 1AA
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I had the ultimate pleasure of spending a couple of hours last weekend with Daiva Kamysova – facialist from the gods and someone I plan to be seeing a lot more. She’s extremely passionate about natural skincare and nourishing vitamins and is very un-passionate about synthetic ingredients and injecting things into your face to make it look younger or plumper. She’s all about high quality products like those from South African brand Environ, a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, and consistent daily care to get your best possible skin. She has spent over 13 years trying out a wealth of methods and potions, working on many different faces and their respective skin types. As a result she’s mastered her unique “DB Facial” a completely bespoke treatment that will have you sashaying down Oxford Street with hydrated, radiant skin. The appointment includes a detailed consultation (so expect to spend some time talking about your lifestyle, products and skin) before a relaxing lie down when she goes about applying her magical techniques. Do your boat race a favour and book in a session with Daiva. Your skin and your future self will be very grateful.