De La Panza

By Maeve
105-107 Southgate Road, N1 3JS
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5.30–11.30pm Tues-Sun. Weekend lunch 12-3.30pm
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Nestled in a relatively unassuming part of North London this Bodegon brings a taste of Buenos Aires to London Town with its selection of steaks, red wines and Argentine delicacies. I can admittedly be rather fussy and have found that some establishments struggle to re-create the magic that their friends south of the equator do so well, but this place pleasingly brought Buenos Aires direct to my plate. The rib-eye melted in mouth, the chimichurri accompaniment was a pleasure and the glass of red wine washing it all down had all the heart, flavour and flair of our friends in South America. De La Panza is a neat little find in a rather nice part of our fine city, what more could you want? / Firas Waez