Dheli Grill

By Maeve
21 Chapel Market, Islington, N1 9EZ
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Tues - Sun: 12noon - 2.45pm, 6pm - 10.30pm
How much?
Lamb chops £2.95, Rogan Gosht £6.95

Into the last knockings of 2010 and this house of dhaba succulence is easily up there with the best new restaurant openings of the year: an intricately decorated, intimate N1 spot already serving up some of the most impressive, completely freshly created Indian cuisine imaginable. And so astounded was I by my first visit’s Rogan Gosht, that I dragged Dylan along to share my newfound joy: And I was all “Hell yes I’m coming to Delhi Grill”, as I’d had a takeaway from there earlier in the year and the marinated lamb chops were still haunting my dreams. We sat down, ordered way too much and then ate it all anyway. You would do the same. You should do the same. /  Dylan and Eamon

Photo Credit: Paul Winch-Furness