Dirty Bones

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20 Kensington Church St, W8 4EP
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?How Much

20 Kensington Church St, W8 4EP
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How Much?

Things are changing on High Street Kensington. Frankly, during our formative years here at le cool, we wouldn’t have come near it with a barge pole. But predjudices are made to be broken and London is very good at making a fool of those that hang on to them for too long. Dirty Bones slides in alongside Pavilion in forming HSK’s newly deserved reputation for quality dining. That being said, Dirty Bones bears no resemblence to its esteemed neighbor, in fact, it’s the antithesis. While Pavilion breathes easy with high windows and natural light, Dirty Bones is the seedy underbelly of Kensington. The entrance is reminiscent of a Hong Kong strip club (we’d imagine). Down the stairs you are greeted by a heaving bar area and a reception-cum-pinball machine. The smell of hot-dogs permeates every inch of the place, the young and unreasonably attractive crowd airily drift from room to room. The hot dogs are very good, particularly the ‘Asian’- who knew kim-chee and bratwurst would get along so well? But the real winner is the cookie and milk desert paired with a dirty martini- it’s a seedy underbelly, sure, but it’s still Kensington darling.


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