Disco Bistro

By Maeve
The Rising Sun, 61 Carter Lane, EC4V 5DY
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How much?

Disco Bistro is no ordinary pub. As new-school dining concept meets old School London, the space splits in to two. Designed by a London artist/lighting designer type Alex Randall (which is worthy of half an article in itself). Fans of stark white-washed walls with the odd stuffed squirrel lamp and a ceiling with gramophone chandelier (a niche group, perhaps) will be pleased, and the second room is mocked up as a quirky Georgian pantry. In the split building the pub is upstairs, offering a menu full of experimental comfort food – think saddleback lardo w/ black treacle & buttermilk. Downstairs, the ‘trash food’ with fried chicken wrapped in pigskin and beef juice aplenty. As a final tick, it also boasts a great wine list (though pricey). It’s all the work of Chef Carl Clarke who’s been causing a stir as of late and promises to be distinct, unusual and damn tasty. Boozer or fancy food – your choice. / Claire Tayler 

Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness