By Maeve
12 Upper St. Martin’s Lane, WC2H 9FB
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How much?
Bacon naan £3.50, fruit roomali £4.90

Zoom, just one bacon naan and then my heart went boom,
Suddenly we were in swish Bombay café, Dishoom,
Flying high on perfectly spiced chai, oh.

Bang, a fruit roomali and my taste buds rang,
Top-notch breakfast lassi quaffed and all the angels sang,
Rise and shine with London’s newest breakfast delights, oh.

Dishoom, start your day the perfect way, Long before noon, the staff’s cordiality will make your day,
As they serve ridiculously fair-priced, exquisite Indian fare for you to consume…. etc. / Eamon Downes

Photo credit: Sim Canetty-Clarke