Doodle Bar

By Maeve
33 Parkgate Road, Battersea SW11 4NP
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Mon-Thurs 10am-11pm Fri 10am-midnight Sat noon-midnight Sun noon-11pm
How much?

I would have been a brilliant graffiti artist. If I could draw, that is. And wasn’t so inconveniently into abiding by the law. But present me with a blank wall and I’m filled with the urge to doodle all over it. And this is why I’m excited about Doodle Bar in Battersea. The bar invites people to drink and eat whilst drawing on every surface. Tables, walls, even waiters – nothing is left untouched. It also puts on a programme of workshops to further inspire our creativity. I feel for the poor waiter who gets covered in doodlings but it’s a lot of fun for the rest of us. / Sara Lou