Driftwood Cafe

By Maeve
Trinity Buoy Wharf, Orchard Place, E14 0JY
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Mon-Fri 8-3
How much?

If the Driftwood food was like the same-name Travis song, it would be saccharine and take forever. Luckily it’s real tasty and when they’re busy they knock it out like a Japanese beat-the-clock show, just to clear you from their tiny counter. It’s mainly sandwiches and cakes here at the Driftwood Cafe. I had a toasted tuna-corn baguette and a proper cappuccino and it set me back just over £3. Have a go on the wide-open table full of condiments – yes! – then sit and chill. The location is fantastic. The glass-sided ex-container with art on the walls looks out on the river Lea. There’s a hidden Banksy real close, plus the rest of Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands’s secret art neighbourhood, with things like the Experimental Lighthouse (open when this is shut), maritime oddities, views, and yet another great eaterie called Fat Boys Diner. Cor. / Herbert Wright