Fish Central

By Maeve
149-151 Central Street, EC1V 8BY
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Mon-Thurs 5pm -10:30pm Fri/Sat 5pm-11pm
How much?
£8 for Haddock, chips, mushy peas, a can of drink & a pickle

After a year of living pretty much on Old Street roundabout, I’ve temporarily moved back up to the (not so) wilds of north London to sort out my finances. There’s plenty I’m going to miss about living in EC1, like the proximity to the best Vietnamese in London and a never-ending supply of douches with stoopid haircuts to laugh at, but the thing I’ve found hardest to leave is definitely Fish Central. Everyone has their favourite fish & chip shop, but unless they agree that FC is No. 1, it’s not their opinion, they are just wrong. Go try it. If you disagree, you’re still just wrong. Fish Central Rules. As proof, I offer the fact that I expect to be murdered in my sleep for giving up one of the great food secrets of our great city. It’s been nice knowing you. / Foo-D