Flat Iron (Denmark Street)

9 Denmark Street, WC2 H8LS
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This is most definitely the year of the sophomore restaurant. Countless establishments have gone forth and multiplied and, time and time again it seems that standards are even higher the second time around. When it came to choosing an image for this piece, there was little debate. Just look at it; that salted, almost neon-red meat with the cleaver waiting patiently on the left. For food-mad Londoners, it’s one of the most instantly recognisable images of last year. There wouldn’t have been a word of complaint if Flat Iron had simply repeated the formula for their second location but, although the menu remains unchanged, the dining concept is different. The glass, partially exposed ceiling and ivy-clad bare brick feature wall, give a feeling of al-fresco dining, a far cry from the industrial and fast-paced atmosphere in the Soho branch. Gone too are the recurring nightmares of errant cleavers and canvas shoes, the tables are well-spaced giving the servers considerably more room for error. The food is, to put it simply, just exactly as good as it looks. Find yourself some company and indulge because this, right here is date night incarnate.