Graphic Bar

By Maeve
4 Golden Square, W1F 9HT
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Mon - Fri: 12pm - 12am, Saturday: 6pm - 12am
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When is a pop-up bar no-longer a pop-up? When it refreshes every six months. The Graphic Bar in Soho’s Golden Square is reimagined and revamped in collaboration with a new graphic artist biannually. Menu highlights include the most extensive gin collection in the UK, and a fortnightly Gin Club – the Juniper society. Signature cocktails are served in generous paint tins, and for the particularly ostentatious (or the die-hard Spandau Ballet fan) the Gold Paint tin arrives with champagne accompanied by a ghetto-blaster playing “Gold”. In a hip and creative neighbourhood, Graphic does a good job of blending into the local scene while also bringing something fresh and fun to the mix. / Justin Toh