Augustus Harris

33 Catherine Street, WC2B 5JT
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Augustus Harris, the man, is revered as the Godfather of Pantomime and a true hedonist. The restaurant, like it’s namesake is sure to make a name for itself in theatre-land. We are, it has to be said, far bigger fans of this Venician Bacaro than we are of Pantomime, which, like most people, we find immensely creepy.

Bacari may be the ideal format for post-theatre dining. There is great emphasis placed on the social aspect of eating. The meal is unstructured and commonly revolves around the consumption of an Aperol Spritz, or five. Whether upstairs at the superbly finished bar area, or downstairs in the romantic subterranean restaurant, Augustas Harris exudes calm. You order sporadically, choosing what you fancy from a small list of Crostini, perhaps interspersing them with bar snacks and a slice of cured meat from the beautifully presented Salumi plate. It is a structure that encourages long, meandering meals where the meat can be picked from whatever stage production you may have just come from.

The cocktails are all perfectly matched with the delicious bar-snacks. In fact, our personal highlights of the evening, all came from the bar-snack menu. Augustus Harris could serve as an ideal pit stop at the beginning of an evening. That being said, after a couple of Negronis, some Gorgonzola-stuffed dates and a bowl of Stracciatella you may find it hard to pry yourself away. Like all great restaurants, the greatest risk is getting too comfortable to leave.