The Gunmakers

13 Eyre St Hill, EC1R 5ET
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If you don’t know The Gunmakers, it’s probably about 200m away from where you’re sitting, hidden down a small street off Clerkenwell Road. What a joy to discover that a pub you already loved ‘for a quick one’ has upped their game by hiring a talented young chef and introducing a killer menu. Not to mention a menu that f*cks with norms and is edible, pairable, creative. (If you want a salmon fish cake with its Fresh Mix salad garnish, there are 23,234,989 venues across the country that’ll hook you up). I’m sorry if you’re tired of hearing about BBQ cauliflower at this point, but listen, they served the best one I’ve ever had with a great tarragon and nori glaze. And also, imagine a delicious little shui mai got busy with a corndog and spawned a sort of dumpling-dog dipped in cornmeal batter? They have them. There are big and small plates, and cool sounding desserts though I couldn’t face them after all the veggies and my special corndog experience. Finally, they also have a hair salon upstairs, but we’re out of time here, so will write that awesome place up separately. Stay tuned.