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493 Hackney Road
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How Much?

We are lending our voice to the swelling chorus of people calling for Hackney Hardware to become a permanent fixture on Hackney Road. As things stand, the bar is set to close its doors for good on 3rd August, which makes this weekend your last opportunity to get down there and sample it for yourself. As fortune, or immaculate planning, would have it, this weekend is Hackney Wicked. There is only one satisfying conclusion to a long day of meandering through artists studios and that happens to be HH’s signature drink; an enormous gin and tonic. Jensen’s Bermondsey Gin, a sprig of rosemary and tonic to be precise and, since our first visit, it has become a staple in the le cool drinking roster. There isn’t a great deal of variety on offer due to its temporary status. Luckily there is more than enough to look at on the other side of the bar. The former (you guessed it) hardware shop has been lovingly maintained with practically all the original fixtures still in place. The highlight is the lower floor seating area that is visible from the entrance, half submerged and dimly lit. Though not being especially large, you leave feeling like there were nooks and crannies that you didn’t explore. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of time for that when they set up shop for good.


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