Hammer & Tongs

By rudmcblud
171 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3AL
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12pm – 12am

In South Africa, putting meat on the Braai is a big thing. Like, huge. A South African’s Braai, if you didn’t know, is like an Australian’s barbie, except bigger, hotter and way more manly. Night and day South Africans the world over brave wind, rain, hail or hurricane in a national quest to slightly increase the world’s total amount of delicious Braai’d meats. So, it’s no surprise that South African restaurant Hammer & Tongs is doing its part with a new 2kg fragrant and smoky Braai’d lamb ribs dish. It takes three days to prepare a dry rubbed rack of lamb ribs that falls apart in your mouth with all the delicacy of a punch in the face. It’s a delicious dish if you like meat with your meat and tend to order a side dish of meat on top of that. Bring on the Braai!