Harringay Local Store

581c Green Lanes, Harringay, N8 ORG
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Harringay Local Store does everything right. It’s a broad statement, but one that we’re sticking by. Highlights include: bread from: E5 Bakehouse,¬†Scotch eggs from Scotch Tails, beer from Beavertown, spirits from Kamm & Sons, meat from Cannon & Cannon, honey from Wild Hives. Jams from Newton & Pott and coffee¬†from Campervan Coffee. That is a veritable who’s who of gastronomic London. That is a damned honour roll. But as though gathering London’s finest purveyors of consumables under one roof wasn’t enough, there’s a record shop in the back. The records will be hand picked by co-owner and DJ Paul Harding. Who doesn’t love a soundtrack to their shopping? Their call to arms is one focused around fierce localism and, quite simply, not being another bloody Tesco. ‘Not another Tesco’ is actually printed across their doorway. With huge swathes of Tescos closing their doors in the next 12 months, perhaps this is a watershed moment. We can only hope.