Hawksmoor Air Street

By Maeve
Street, London, W1J 0AD
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Open for lunch and dinner daily
How much?
Rib-eye £28; Monkfish £18

Where’s the beef? This Regent Street branch of the mouthwatering Hawksmoor portfolio offers everything that you know and love from the bovine experts: luxurious deco décor, a great bar mixing superb cocktails, and a tantalising menu. As expected the food was excellent; we ate fried queenies, crispy on the outside with a buttery scallop interior, meaty Monkfish grilled over charcoal, and a juicy rib-eye, accompanied with the requisite mac and cheese and newcomer Jansson’s temptation – a creamy scallop potato style dish. And then, because you can’t eat out in London without some salted caramel, we were obliged to try their Rolos. So, the beef is still there, but now it shares the menu with carefully sourced seafood, providing a new dimension to Hawksmoor dining. / Oliver Mackereth