Hawksmoor Guildhall

By Maeve
10/12 Basinghall St, EC2V 5BQ
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Varies - check website
How much?
£30-70 per meal

It is perhaps with too much excitement that meatheads (in a more appropriate use of the word) prepare to get their teeth into Hawksmoor Guildhall. Some might argue one can never be too excited by steak (and some would be right) but I beg to differ. This is meat heaven! Expect variation from the original Spitalfields, but prepare yourself for staring at the chalkboard thinking that a Rib Eye the size of half a cow is appropriate for a light dinner. Dangerously, they also promise breakfast. Prepare yourself for rounds of steak and eggs, sausage and ‘HkMuffin’, and plum doughtnuts. And then prepare yourself for not waddling very far for the rest of the day. /Claire Tayler