Herman Ze German

33 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 5JP
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11am - 11.30pm

See man eating a German meal, looks European, pommes and that. At last there is fast food to match your whip, providing high quality, pretty fast German fare with loads of optional extras. Herman ze German’s second location has just opened on Old Compton Street. So when manaman’s hungry, manaman can choose something to eat from the small meaty menu, with 3 types of gluten free and free-range wurst delivered from a small producer in Germany. It’s not just pure big dogs in this biz, you can also order crispy chicken schnitzel, or huge beef meatballs. Your chosen meat can come in a variety of ways: on rolls, with delicious salads, palate cleansing sauerkraut, or special air fried (healthier) pommes. There is also a variety of optional toppings n sauce n that, I love the tangy curry wurst the best. As you’d expect from a German establishment there is a good selection of beer including Paulaner and Paulaner Weissbier on tap. The German humour is evident with a phallic logo, plenty of puns and ze standard Gemanisation, but the simple food is very tasty, and inexpensive – man paid only 7 pounds sterling, German meal but I ain’t in Berlin