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49 Old Compton Street W1D 6HL
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49 Old Compton Street W1D 6HL
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How Much?

I am quite partial to a crisp and dip combo, so high hopes were had for somewhere that entirely revolves around this concept. Launched on Old Compton Street late last year, HIPCHIPS was born out of an ambition to create the best tasting crisps in the world. They use five heritage and vintage potato varieties, each with a unique colour, flavour and posh sounding name (like the Highland Burgundy 1936). The savoury highlight has to be the Smokey Cheese Fondue, but surprisingly it’s the sweet crisps and dips that we are most excited about. With an almost churros-like quality, the cinnamon sugar coated slices of potato work impressively well with the chocolate and praline and the peanut butter dip. You can eat in or takeaway and the packaging is beautifully hip-chip-ster (although somewhat wasteful). Perfect for a Soho snack and a great addition to your lunchtime meeting sandwiches.


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