Horizon Foods

1-2 Broadway Market Mews E8 4QJ
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Thurs - Sat 12 - 2pm
How much?
Roti £4.50

London Fields’ backstreets are a warren of workshops converted into eateries and watering holes with tasty offerings made right there with blood, sweat and wonder. Long before these newbies rocked up, Horizon Foods were here making stacks of Trini rotis for your favourite Caribbean takeaways across the capital. Luckily for you, on Thursdays to Saturdays between 12-2pm (everyone in Hackney is freelance, right?), the hatch opens to this busy bakery where you can pick up a fresh flat bread hot off the iron, packed like a burrito brick with tender meat heavy lamb or chicken curry, tamarind sauce and wodge of kitchen roll to mop your greasy paws.  You’ll be full, but bag yourself some Buss-Up-Shut rotis. They have the best name in bread. / Jess Fagin