Hot Nuts

By Maeve
339 Green Lanes, Harringay, N4 1DZ
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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
How much?
£1+ per 100g

At the Northeast corner of Finsbury Park, where it meets Green Lanes is Hot Nuts and Hot Nuts is the dog’s bollocks. Metaphorically. Imagine Aladdin’s Cave Of Wonders, except Aladdin, in this case is the luckiest squirrel that ever lived. The shop is fair sized, but there’s only standing room for about four, because, like inconsiderate men on the tube would have you believe, the rest of the available space is filled with nuts. To be fair, they do all kinds of dried fruits and Turkish delights too, but I left it out for dramatic effect. So whether you like them salted, roasted, candied, or just covered in chocolate, I’m telling you, check out these nuts. You won’t be disappointed. / Foo D

Photo Credit: Evan Cooper